The real miracle sleep aid is mango. When you eat mango before bed,  phytochemicals  from the fruit, along with amino acids such as glycine, glutamine, and cysteine combined with fructose and glucose, travel to the brain and quickly restore depleted neurotransmitters. This allows most insomniacs a chance to finally get some true rest during the night.

PRIMARY MICRO NUTRIENTS Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamins B6, Folate, Copper, Potassium
NUTRITIONAL HIGHLIGHTS and NOTES Fiber content latches on to cholesterol to inhibit / prevent cardiovascular disease
  • Anticancer – due to carotenoids and Vitamin C content
  • Digestion – from enzymes magneferin, katechol oxidase, lactase
  • Anti-infective – Vitamin A (retinol) showing gut integrity and lowering intestinal disease and diarrhoea
  • Protection against Giardia: traveller diarrhoea; anti-viral
  • Sufferers of muscular cramp, stress, heart problems, acidosis benefit from magnesium and potassium content
  • Diabetics – very low blood glucose response
DANGERS Allergen food
RDA Mango % RDA
Nutrient Unit per 100g
Water g 83.46
Energy kcal 60
Protein g 0.82
Total lipid (fat) g 0.38
Carbohydrate, by difference g 14.98
Fiber, total dietary g 1.6
Sugars, total g 13.66
Calcium, Ca mg 1000 11 1.1%
Iron, Fe mg 8 0.16 2.0%
Magnesium, Mg mg 420 10 2.4%
Phosphorus, P mg 700 14 2.0%
Potassium, K mg 470 168 35.7%
Sodium, Na mg 1
Zinc, Zn mg 11 0.09 0.8%
Copper, Cu mg 0.9 0.111 12.3%
Manganese, Mn mg 2.3 0.063 2.7%
Selenium, Se µg 55 0.6 1.1%
Vitamin C, total ascorbic acid mg 90 36.4 40.4%
Thiamin mg 1.2 0.028 2.3%
Riboflavin mg 1.3 0.038 2.9%
Niacin mg 16 0.669 4.2%
Pantothenic acid mg 5 0.197 3.9%
Vitamin B-6 mg 1.7 0.119 7.0%
Folate, total µg 400 43 10.8%
Choline, total mg 7.6
Betaine mg
Vitamin B-12 µg 2.4 0 0.0%
Vitamin A, IU IU 5000 1082 21.6%
Vitamin E, total mg 15 0.92 6.1%
Vitamin D IU 600 0 0.0%
Vitamin K (phylloquinone) µg 120 4.2 3.5%

The Recommended Dietary Amount (RDA) is based upon recommendations for a 40 year old very active man that I have adapted from USDA’s Dietary Intake Recommendations: Using this link you can make your own calculationsNotes:

Adapted from:

Murray, M. (2005). Encyclopedia of Healing Food. New York, N.Y.: Atria Books

USDA food database:

Other information sources:

Online database of the World’s Healthiest Foods:

Online nutrient breakdown of foods:

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