Hi! I’m Hugo. And I began this site in 2011 when I started living in California and studying Nutrition and Holistic Health studies together with MBA Business studies at John F Kennedy University in San Francisco Bay Area. In 2015 I graduated with an MA in Health and Entrepreneurial Leadership.

Health journey

My own health journey began as I learned the value of nutrients as I tried to reach my athletic potential whilst rowing for my school and for a national team. And for the last 25 years I have been increasingly focused on deepening my understanding through studying health and helping others with their health. My learning then accelerated as I dealt with massively debilitating health problems which opened my eyes to a huge gap in the health care system. It also awakened my career purpose of helping others with their health.

Overall, I have faced health problems which I know others face as well and being unable to achieve my life goals due to chronic health problems. And this motivated me to create business ideas to solve this healthcare issue. However as I created this business vision I once again suffered debilitating health problems which eclipsed me from turning this vision into an entrepreneurial start-up. To this day, the turning point in my health is proving to be when I apply my business ideas to myself.

My heartfelt vision is to turn these ideas into reality NOW. This site is a work in progress based upon those ideas and that vision. It involves creating a business service to help you to realise your full life potential. Like any journey in life, this begins with the first step. And this blog is that first step of bringing to life that business together with my mission to ELATE: the first step to be followed by …

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