suppliers of organic healing herbs

bloodtesting in the UK

  • Medicheks provides a wide variety of blood tests including the indepth thyroid test I had done
  • Forth Edge provides athletically focused blood tests for those concerned about sports performance and sister site Forth with Life provides more general tests

bloodtesing in the USA

finding functional medical practitioners

  • Institute of Functional Medicine provides a useful search tool for finding practitioners
  • ReFind Health is a great and easy to use online search tool for finding functional medical practitioners near where you live
  • Nutritionist Resource is a UK based directory and search tool for finding registered and qualified nutritionists and nutritional therapists

tracking all your health data

HeadsUpHealth provide a brilliant way to track your blood results and other health data over time. The pictures on my own blood health are sourced from this

One of the most beneficial tests for understanding higher needs for vitamins, minerals, and compounds is through Nutrition Genome. Nutrigenomic testing allows you to find your genetic weaknesses and turn them into strengths by understanding which nutrients you need to target the most for optimal health

companies I admire in health tech


  •  coaching platform that integrates health data on continuous basis allowing for improvements on coaching; they are working with data to get reimbursements from health insurance companies for people they work with;
  • USP – CEO Stephanie stated their “special sauce”(USP = unique selling point) was how they matched clients with coaches (ie giving them a choice of the style of coach they work with, be that empathic, or drill sergeant)
  • Evolution – they have taken several well formulated health programs (for treating health conditions with success) and use those as a base for treating their clients; they started with treatments for conditions spanning cardio, diabetes, hypertension, depression, stress, and more.
  • Current focus – treating cardio-metabolic disorders
  • Interview with CEO Stephanie Tilenius
  • Investment round in 2016 netted $18m in investment


  • coaching platform similar to Vida with a focus on using data to monitor care (they send users a scale and fitbit upon signing up, which streams data automatically to Omada for monitoring)
  • Their original company name was Prevent – aiming to use data to prevent health problems. Their focus has become preventing further problems (ie treating pre-diabetics and cardio patients and reversing their condition to prevent deterioration
  • USP – CEO Sean Duffy evolved the company from a basis of compassion he used (i believe) when interviewing people about health problems before they started). Compassion now is infused into the company in their branding (soft light design) and how the company works. This is intuitive – most people with the chronic health problems Omada treats have mental health issues / habits that are hard to break. Humanity and understanding are core features to the company, as is data analysis and using tech innovatively yet compassionately
  • Focus – treating Cardio Metabolic disorders with data and behavioural modifications
  • Evolution – they scouted out working in the UK in 2016 but gave up. Reputedly profits in the USA are 300% greater for the work they do

Our path

  • UK company founded by Chris and Mike
  • They model themselves exactly on Omada and are building a UK equivalent – very tech focused
  • Focus – treating Cardio Metabolic health conditions


  • UK blood tracking company with dietary coaching
  • They were a blood testing company, tracking people’s health and advising them how to improve lifestyle and diet. Their focus was on the wellness market. Then, after their funding crisis, they entered an incubator and focused into the corporate market with a data driven emphasis on proving the effectivity of the health interventions they offer = blood test +analysis by doctor+health coaching+continuous monitoring using apps and trackers as well as repeat blood tests


  • Began by posting wholefood recipes on their site 2 years ago. Wholefoods and plant based diet seems to be the core of their approach. Currently they are using this dietary approach combined with data tracking and coaching support to prove the effectivity of this diet (and their platform and technology) in treating health disorders
  • Focus – Cardio metabolic


  • Human company with a very warm happy feel to their branding and their offices
  • They take Medicaid people and drill into their health history via insurance claims to find at-risk people (ie those who will likely claim again). They then assign nurses and coaches to monitor the patient and also use data trackers, all to improve health outcomes and lower the risk of future medical claims


  • have developed non-invasive tech wearable that can measure both hormone levels (eg cortisol) and blood sugar continuously


  • telehealth software that allows communication between nutrition coaches and their clients


  • telehealth, EHR  and practice management software for nutritionists that pulls in info from trackers and allows journals to be made

Oscar healthcare

Health hubs that integrate data from other health apps and services: Welltok and Helix

Parsley Health

  • deep diagnosis of clients health provided via live tracking and full health history review
  • deep on-going review of clients using functional medicine
  • telehealth and coaching provided to enable lifestyle improvements

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