Empower, Love And Transform Everyday

I am envisaging a change platform

  • That enables at risk populations to measurably and sustainably increase their immune capacity
  • To allow people to be correctly diagnosed and monitored so they can get the best possible treatment and also be properly supported through a change process that enhances their health

Facilitating this is a health technology

  • that pulls in data from wearable devices and medical records into a user single interface
  • that allows medical professionals to collaborate in both assessing a patient’s health, diagnosing it and monitoring it in real time


Its personal for me

  • I have several chronic health issues including a weakened immune system, an auto-immune issue that when triggered will disable me and chronic digestive and muscular issues that for years have weakened and restricted what I can do
  • I live with a lot of uncertainty and lack of proper medical support with this. This means I am left to manage my health myself which means I sacrifice many other things to do so
  • I want to feel that I am serving a higher purpose in my work that is
    • resolving and preventing chronic health problems
    • measurably and reliably helping people with their health
    • building a tech solution that measures health so people can get health treatments tailored to their unique needs

What can be done with health data and tech excites and enthralls me

The core to this change platform is health data drawn into one interface that allows for health to be tracked in real time to both qualify and quantify causal issues to health (ie data from Electronic Health Records, wearable devices, health apps and trackers)

I believe

  • Data drawn from monitoring patients and providers in the steps that they take in managing healthcare can be used to develop algorithms that develop guidance for more effective preventative provision
    • The future of medicine lies in data analysis and machine learning to monitor where people are on the health continuum and
      • accurately assess and predict where people are in the etiology of disease profiles to prevent future as well as further health problems
      • collect data about health serving behaviors and treatments in order to both reward health serving behaviors and treatments as well as to optimize medical provision
  • the future of healthcare involves using technology and data to deliver preventative and personalized health care RE
    • Patients diagnosed via the use of AI that scans biomarkers and health data for indicators of ongoing and possible illness
    • Disease and wellness states are mapped to show where patients are on the health continuum and etiology of disease states (IE at risk, pre-symptomatic, chronic, in recovery / remission)
    • accurate and personalized warnings sent to patients’ health providers warning that intervention is needed before they get ill or before illness gets chronic of critical
  • Proving health treatments are adding value is the need of patients, practitioners and payers and where the money is RE
    • Preventative and Personalized approaches to healthcare can reduce healthcare costs for treatment of chronic and critical illness as well as work absenteeism and reduced work performance
    • Reducing healthcare costs due to illness can deliver remarkable macro and micro economic benefits to payers RE employers, governments, health insurance companies
    • Increasing effectivity of treatment can
      • increase health provider work satisfaction
      • assist to restore patient-provider relationships as well as increase patient compliance
      • liberate healthcare resources away from treating chronic, acute and critical illness and allow for those resources to be used in other ways
    • Patients and Providers taking proactive and preventative approaches to healthcare could be and should be rewarded for steps they take to reduce long term health care costs

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