“if i change, the world changes”

Hi! And welcome to Huguru! I am undergoing a challenge to change my habits and to Empower myself to better health. Through this change process, I aim to Evolve, Love And Transform Everyday (ELATE!) both myself and you with insights into health so you can reach your health potential too!

On the tabs above (or the links posted here) you’ll find nutritional information I have posted on a range of natural and plant based foods – from vegetables and fruitnuts and seeds through to healing botanicals and herbs. Use them to check out nutritional facts such as nutrient content of foods. Believe me – you’ll be blown away in astonishment about the powerful nutritional benefits that all natural foods (like nuts and seeds) offer us! So have a look yourself … and learn to appreciate just like I do what these natural foods can do for you!

I’ve also included some yummy recipes too! And some specific tips on topics like brain health and thyroid health as well as digestion and how to give your liver some huggy love!

Also be sure to check out my post with advice about change and compassion. I am training with some 24hr+ cycle rides right now, and those have evoked my need to find sustainable ways to both change and manage my health. And i go further into this in my post here. Part of this involved getting my blood tested – something i really recommend you do too and i go further into this in my post here. This is especially important if, like me, you are keen to get to the roots of anything going on in your health (like a chronic health issue).

Raising funds for Alzheimer’s Society is a key part to this change process. In my post here I detail why I am doing this as well as how truly grateful I am for all those who are donating to this fundraising. So be a hero! And please donate as well via this link or the button below. And big hugs to you!

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