schisandra berry


Part used Fruit and Seed
Use 2tsp in 10 oz water decoct 10 mins, steep 30 mins
  • Calms shen
  • Hepaprotective – helps regenerate hepatocytes and increases hepatic glutathione
  • Adaptogen with dual effect on the nervous system
    • stimulating to enhance reflexes, work performance and mental activity
    • calming, reducing stress and anxiety and preventing stress induced immune depletion
  • Enhances endocrine and endocrine-mediated immune functions that are affected by stress, anxiety, anger, depression and fear
  • Amphoteric (normalizing) effect on blood sugar
  • Should not be taken with acute viral or bacterial infections (eg colds, influenza, bronchitis, pneumonia)

Adapted from:

Winston, D. & Maimes, S. (2007). Adaptogens: Herbs for strength, stamina and stress releif. Rochester, VT: Healing Arts Press

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