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milk thistle seed

Part used Seed extract Use Most effective as gel-cap extract  in combination with soy lecithin: phosphatylcholine enhances absorption of active component silymarin in GI tract and delivers to tissues (combination called silipide and labelled phytosome) Less effective as tea or … Continue reading

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Part used Root Use 1/2 tsp dried root in 8oz water decoct 10 mins and steep 1/2 hour; effects take a week of daily use to become effective Benefits Calming adaptogen Rejuvenating, balancing, strengthening to nervous system, relieves fatigue, nervous … Continue reading

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schisandra berry

Part used Fruit and Seed Use 2tsp in 10 oz water decoct 10 mins, steep 30 mins Benefits Calms shen Hepaprotective – helps regenerate hepatocytes and increases hepatic glutathione Adaptogen with dual effect of nervous system – stimulating to enhance … Continue reading

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Functions Energy metabolism(ATP) Regulates many hormones Develops and repairs body tissue Lipid phosphorus structures form cell membranes and nervous system structures Component of DNA Source and function notes Best sources from brewer’s yeast and pumpkin seeds and other seeds Excess … Continue reading

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vitamin B3 – niacin

Functions Brain and nerve function: vital for proper mental function Energy production and fat, carbohydrate and cholesterol metabolism Manufacture of body compounds such as sex and adrenal hormones Treatment of schizophrenia 2 forms: As nicotinic acid form, lowers blood cholesterol … Continue reading

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free radicals, lipid peroxides and anti-oxidants

Free-Radicals (FRs) or Reactive Oxygen Species (ROSs) – molecules with unpaired electrons ROS are molecules with unpaired electrons that cause damage to other cells as they seek to out their missing electrons: they shoot through cell membranes, tearing holes, putting cells … Continue reading

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