passion flower


A wonderful and calming botanical – and stunningly beautiful too! Worth having on hand in tincture format for when tension gets high

Part used Herb
Use Tea – 1 or 2 tsp herb to 8oz water, steep 20 to 30 mins
  • relieves muscular tension, calms extreme anxiety, anti-depressant effect on nervous system, lowers blood pressure
  • very good for insomnia
  • good source of chrysin
    • helps body conserve testosterone by preventing its breakdown and its preventing conversion to estrogen
    • blunts the effect of excess estrogen (by blocking some receptor sites on cells to estrogen)
Advice and Dangers
  • Best to combine with phosphatyidylcholine for absorption of chrysin
  • Not to used
    • in combination with MAO inhibitors
    • in pregnancy for attempts at conception:
      • during pregnancy
      • by women trying to become pregnant

Adapted from:

Balch, P.A. (2002). Prescription for herbal healing. New York, NY: Avery books

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