Part used Root
Use 1/2tsp in 8oz hot water, decoct 15 mins, steep 15 mins
  • Adaptogen, anti-diuretic, antiviral,  anti-allergenic, anti-bacterial, immune stimulating, antihistamine, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, antitumor, demulcent, expectorant, hepaprotective, estrogen modulating
  • Adrenal: Cortisol raising / sparring and useful for people when waking and have adrenal insufficiency / tiredness
    • Glycyrrhizin content down-regulates enzyme 11-beta-hydroxlase which converts cortisol to inactive cortisone form, thus increasing half life of cortisone and reducing requirements on adrenals
  • Immune modulation: stimulate immune for people with cancer, chronic fatigue, immune deficiency
  • Reduce immune sensitivity and inflammation for people with auto-immune, allergies and irritable bowel
  • Liver: prevents drug or viral damage and reduces toxicity of herbal medicines
  • In excess leads to hyperaldostemia (sodium retention, potassium loss and elevated blood pressure)
  • Raises blood pressure thus only for use by people with normal to low blood pressure
  • Useful when cortisol levels are low (early morning and mid afternoon) but not in late in afternoon as may disrupt sleep

Adapted from:

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