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auto-immune and stress study

Rheumatoid Arthritis ┬áby Hugo Allen-Stevens Abstract Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) is an auto-immune condition characterised by a cascade. Triggers in the cascade include DNA and genetic expression, Gastrointestinal Integrity and Immune homeostatis. Mediatory factors include stress response, liver detoxification and the … Continue reading

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stress and adrenal health study

Stress and Adrenal Health study by Hugo Allen-Stevens Metabolic aging Adrenaline Fight or flight stress response hormone Assists and allows the body to access structural, functional and energy bio-chemicals that enable thinking, movement as well as breathing, eating and other … Continue reading

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Functions Activates many enzymes Muscle relaxation Protein synthesis Energy production reactions Plays role in enzyme ATPase which activates cellular energy metabolism, transport across membranes and vascular tone Metabolism (saturation) and synthesis of fat acids Helps control sodium potassium pump in … Continue reading

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siberian ginseng – eleuthero

Part used Root and stem Use 2 tsp dried root in 16oz water decoct 30 mins, steep 1 hour Benefits Mild adaptogen – unlikely to cause overstimulation Relieves angina, lowers blood lipids, relaxes arteries and treats stress induced hypertension Strengthens … Continue reading

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stress study

Changing the interpretation of stress and the stress response to one that preserves health, allows for authentic personal expression and creates space for personal transformation By Hugo Allen-Stevens Introduction An event, whether it prompts a physiological stress response or not, … Continue reading

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