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PRIMARY MICRO NUTRIENTS Vitamin C, Molybdenum SECONDARY MICRO NUTRIENTS Calcium (in leaves), Iron, Copper, Potassium, Vitamin B6, Folate NUTRITIONAL HIGHLIGHTS and NOTES Low in calories. Cooking destroys vitamin C content FUNCTIONAL BENEFITS Cruciferous family: cancer protective Helps liver disorders – … Continue reading

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milk thistle seed

Part used Seed extract Use Most effective as gel-cap extract  in combination with soy lecithin: phosphatylcholine enhances absorption of active component silymarin in GI tract and delivers to tissues (combination called silipide and labelled phytosome) Less effective as tea or … Continue reading

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Part used Root Use Tea; can be eaten as root vegetable Benefits Helps eliminate excess fluids and stimulates elimination of toxic materials, thus relieving liver disorders and clearing digestion Cleanses body of bile, detoxifies kidneys and gallbladder, increases perspiration Fiber … Continue reading

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liver health study

Liver Health and Detoxification System by Hugo Allen-Stevens Contents The importance of the liver Phase 1 Detoxification Phase 2 Detoxification Detoxification pathways Toxins Alcohol Detoxing and weight loss Fat and Liver health Aids to detoxification Detoxification is chiefly performed by … Continue reading

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