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bell peppers

PRIMARY MICRO NUTRIENTS Vitamin A, C, E, B6 SECONDARY MICRO NUTRIENTS Manganese, Iron, Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, K NUTRITIONAL HIGHLIGHTS and NOTES One of the most nutrient dense foods FUNCTIONAL BENEFITS  Antioxidant, Anti-cancer, Heart Health PHYTONUTRIENTS Capsaicin and a … Continue reading

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I became fascinated by phytonutrients (or plant based nutrients) when I first began studying nutrition. Again and again I was reading about how a food and nutrition could trigger healing as well as enhance health, and it was plants and phytonutrients … Continue reading

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Glutathione is a bioactive amine and quite possibly one of the most important nutrients due to its dual role in supporting both liver and immune health. It is a tripeptide amino acid absorbed directly from food or synthesized in the … Continue reading

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PRIMARY MICRO NUTRIENTS Potassium SECONDARY MICRO NUTRIENTS Vitamin B2, Iron, Copper, Manganese NUTRITIONAL HIGHLIGHTS and NOTES Daily consumption improves blood anti-oxidant levels and prevents lipid peroxidation Excellent nutrient source for optimizing blood sugar levels before, during and after exercise FUNCTIONAL … Continue reading

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green tea

Benefits Polyphenols are over 200 x more powerful than Vit E in anti-oxidant protection Catechins prevent liver damage Dangers Tanins interfere with absorption of herbal and pharmaceutical medications (eg codeine, colchine and ephedrine) Green tea reduces effectiveness of ginseng Adapted … Continue reading

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Part used Flower Use Tea – 1/2 tsp dried flowers to 8oz water, steep 15 mins Benefits Carminative, nervine and anti-depressant Combines to rosemary, holy basil and damiana to heal emotional stagnation (repetitive thinking of traumatic event) Anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory … Continue reading

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PRIMARY MICRO NUTRIENTS Vitamin C, Potassium SECONDARY MICRO NUTRIENTS Vitamin A, B1, B5,Folate, Calcium, Copper NUTRITIONAL HIGHLIGHTS and NOTES Vitamin C; Pectin; Carotenes Citrus Bioflavonoids Limonene and Hesperidin – highest content in inner peel and inner white pulp FUNCTIONAL BENEFITS … Continue reading

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vitamin C

Functions Healthy immune system, lens of eye, adrenal glands, reproductive organs, connective body tissues (such as joints and gums) Immune system: Enhances white blood cell activity Stimulates immune cells to fight infection Assists in the production of immune-related chemicals Antioxidant: … Continue reading

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vitamin B2 – riboflavin

Functions Brain and nerve function: control use of glucose by neurons, assist in making fatty acids needed to preserve integrity of nerve cell membranes, works with B1 and B5 to make acetylcholine Energy metabolism – needed to support thyroid, adrenals … Continue reading

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vitamin E

Functions Anti-oxidant and preservative: prevents oxidative damage to fatty acids (peroxidation) in body cell (phospholipids) membranes – cells at high risk from oxidative damage cells  include: erythrocytes (red blood cells), neurons (nervous system), lung epithelium (lining of the lungs) Vitamin … Continue reading

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