the greatest health challenge of our time

immune defense-1403072_640Coronavirus is placing health care systems are currently under strain. And as a result, governments around the world are directing us to self-distance from each other to slow down the spread of the the virus.

We face a challenge and opportunity – to bolster our own internal health system (ie our immune system) with all it needs to help us, within ourselves, to be best equipped to deal with this virus.  

We also have an opportunity to improve our own stress management strategies and the ways we look after our own mental health.

In my post coronavirus – how to boost your immune health I go into the key lifestyle factors and dietary solutions to put your immune system in the best possible shape.

In addition, this time of social distancing gives us an incredible opportunity to refine our own self-care strategies. And in my post Coronavirus – self-care in a time of stress I go into key ideas for how to take care of yourself. This is not only to effectively deal with stress – it is also to enhance and prepare our immune systems. In my post loneliness is a killer I describe how being alone can be both damaging and deadly to your immune system as well as to your mental health. So can stress and anxiety.

In my post hacking happiness – food for your mood I go into key dietary solutions to mental health together with the best strategies to optimise your brain function and effectively address mood issues. And this partners with my posts hacking happiness – the 4 key happiness chemicals and hacking happiness – the 7 brain molecules that make you feel good

I am also preparing a new post about dealing with stress and anxiety – for a preview, see my posts on tune out, turn on, drop in – surf stories about the mysteries of nature and energy and “Let THE body … BE a body” as well as exercise and how energy flows.

My heart goes out to those who may be suffering even more with increased mental health issues and immune issues right now – this blog is for you and your loved ones

Why I write this blog

I’ve spent 25 years of my life dealing with health issues including chronic immune suppression and depression and anxiety. I know intimately and very personally that health is wealth. I have spent years researching effective cures as well as coping strategies as well as the multiplicity of factors that determine health – and I know how important it is to take care of our health on a holistic and integrative health basis – involving mental, immune and digestive health amongst all others aspects of health.

I also completed graduate studies is functional health medicine and nutrition to learn more – all to both help myself and in turn find ways to help you. I have learnt so, so much. Huguru is my channel for bringing what I learned to life – so I can help you too. Helping you is what I see as my spiritual purpose in life

The very best of health to you, your families, your communities and this world. May the very best of health, wealth, love and laughter be with you!