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weight loss study

Research proposal to formulate a dietary and exercise program to address Diabetes type 2 and Alzheimer’s in adults aged 30 to 45 working in high stress office jobs by Hugo Allen-Stevens The incidence of chronic disease in the United States … Continue reading

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Functions Reduces risk of heart disease, cancer, allergies and inflammation Supports DNA repair Component of anti-oxidant enzyme glutathione peroxidase and works with Vit E in preventing free-radical damage to cell membranes Metabolic support – needed by liver for conversion of … Continue reading

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Part used Root Use Simmer 2 tsp dried root in 12 oz water for 1/2 hour and steep 1/2 hour Benefits Immuno-regulatory  – calming and stimulating effects on immune system Enhances immune system and prevents viral, bacterial infection Enhances resistance … Continue reading

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