return to work …

My business passion is in strategy and my working experience and training is primarily in sales, marketing and business operations. In 1999 I graduated from Leeds University, UK with a Bachelor’s in Analytical Philosophy. Since then i have been worked in a variety of jobs – from sales in an executive search and selection company, through a management training program at a major brewery, to helping friends with their entrepreneurial ventures.

I have just finished studying Nutrition and Holistic Health Studies in a Master of Arts program at John F Kennedy University, Pleasant Hill, CA. At the same time, I was studying Leadership and Entrepreneurialism in an MBA, again at JFK University. During those studies and the last 5 years, I have created and been working on business plans regarding a health platform designed to transform people’s health.

Presently I am working with companies who have a similar business plans to assist those companies with their product and service development. My aim in doing this is to create a collaborative network and health eco-system that devises and develops the following health platform:

health tech platform

  • Health platform provides health coaching services to customers with health problems
  • Coaches provide support for the customers to adopt sustainable lifestyle change to optimize their health (using nutrition, exercise and behavioral / psycho-emotional coaching)
  • Coaching services are personalized and specifically aim to optimize the functional health of customers (namely overall metabolism and immune, hormone, digestive and neurological function)
  • Data is collected from customers to measure their progress toward their health goals
  • Data is analysed and used  to alert where coaching / medical intervention is needed in order to prevent long term chronic illness

improvising and facilitating

People describe me as being a very good communicator, a caring people person, responsible and organized. They also say I can be very focused and able to generate deep insights and futuristic visions. Above all I am an improviser – with passion, determination as well as analytical, creative and relationship skills to improve business and personal performance.

My key strength is in applying myself with focus and determination – I learn fast and adapt quickly to find solutions and produce results. In my career I have leveraged this in sales and marketing work, winning praise from my bosses as well as being called “the most passionate and determined person i have ever met” by colleagues.

At school I consistently won awards and recognition of excellence in Maths and Economics. I furthermore astounded teachers by raising my grades from fail to A standard in all sciences. I did the same in sport: turning myself from a sports drop out into a member of my school rowing team (as well as being on the Welsh National Team).

I have also leveraged this strength to turn around my health whilst being crippled by a muscular disorder – in doing so I passed karate exams and gained many advanced skills in mind-body training that I applied in yoga, surfing and other martial arts. This in itself was a reinvention of myself from the sports drop out of my youth.

Additionally I have strengths in listening to people in a manner that allows them to be open to me and feel advised in a compassionate and facilitative manner. I’ve applied this in helping people in a number of ways with their health through acting as a therapist, a mind-body exercise and nutritionist coach, and as a health advisor.

Overall, I am a person who can discover deep needs of people and facilitate those needs to be cared for. In business, I see myself helping clients in this manner, and also working with sales and marketing teams, product development and research teams, as well as technical and data analytics teams to make business more effective.

your help

I will be so grateful for any help you can give me in finding companies who are innovating healthcare who I can collaborate. And if there is anything I can do for you – please do say!

Thank you!