rebootSometimes we need to reboot – that is why I began this site and what I return to – rebooting health: my own health and yours.

How do we reboot? In a cleanse. And to make this manageable, I’m going to break this down into three – 3 days. Your 3 Day Cleanse. Your own. For now, a little taster of what’s to come …

Silver Lining

Its personal. Its precious. Its yours. Its your health. Its your life. Its what matters most – your health and your clarity. Its about giving yourself a rest, allowing your body space to heal, allowing your mind a chance to focus and clarify your health and life goals. Its about granting yourself this window of opportunity. And this is a gift you give to yourself. With this, you can give yourself space:

  • biologically (through relieving your digestion)
  • physiologically (by giving your body a chance to heal)
  • emotionally (by giving yourself a chance to let go of unnecessary stress and instead focusing on really loving yourself and enacting self-care rituals and habits that make you feel amazing)
  • mentally (by clarifying your goals and what really matters to you)
  • spiritually – space to connect to your eternal self, your spiritual guidance, your purpose

Its about finding and tapping into what heals you, what nourishes you and

  • finding what moves you, what motivates you
  • letting go … of what doesn’t truly serve you

Above all its about finding what moves through you … the energy and spirit within your body … and tapping into that for life, love and so, so much more …


Coming soon …!

This post is a little preview. I’m planning a series of posts to detail this 3 day cleanse, your 3 day clarifying cleanse and the process steps involved. So check back here!

And happy, huggy health from the not-so-naked chef Hugo!