Hi and welcome! I’m Hugo and welcome to Huguru! My mission here is to Empower, Love And Transform Everyday in order to ELATE! And I am passionate about helping with the greatest health challenge of our time: Coronavirus

We face a challenge and opportunity – to bolster our own internal health system (ie our immune system) with all it needs to help us, within ourselves, to be best equipped to deal with this virus.  

We also have an opportunity to improve our own stress management strategies and the ways we look after our own mental health.

Please see my post the greatest health challenge of our time. There you will find links to  posts have written with advice for dealing with this crisis such as how to boost your immune health, self-care in a time of stress and hacking happiness – food for your mood

Here you’ll also find focused nutritional information on vegetables and fruitnuts and seeds through to healing botanicals and herbs. So have a look yourself and learn what these natural foods can do for you! I’ve also included some yummy recipes too! And some specific tips on topics like brain health and thyroid health as well as digestion and how to give your liver some huggy love! Also be sure to check out my posts with advice about change and compassion.

I am passionate about helping to heal the current health crisis facing both people and the planet. I’m also in awe of the power of plants to both heal and nourish. Inspiration is all around us in the natural world – like this incredible fact about Redwood trees

Despite their massive height, Redwood trees have surprisingly shallow root systems – only 6-12 feet deep. So how are they able to grow so tall?
Redwoods’ root systems intertwine with the roots of other redwoods for added stability. Allocate your energy to positive uses like growing your root system and boosting your immune system with healthy habits.

Thank you for visiting my site! May the very best of health, wealth, love and laughter be with you, your families, your communities and this world!