My commitment to health and nutrition means finding sustainable means to empower others with regard to their health. It also means

embodying an enhancing, empowering and enlightening presence in our lives will determine our state of health

  • Health is made up of what is present in our mind, body and soul.
  • What is present is determined by what we take in – what we pay attention to, what we ingest, and both with whom and how we are connected.
  • Sustainable means finding the right means, the right course of action that can be maintained, built upon and add value in multiple ways.

Sustainability also means building a business plan, providing employment, ensuring profitability and ensuring stakeholder needs are being delivered upon. I am committed to finding the plan, the partners and the profits to make that business sustainable and a living embodiment of the principles below

Huguru stands for feeling empowered to live greatly more fulfilling lives

  • how we can feel more vibrant, positive, and energised and becoming aware of what serves our health and adopting sustainable health serving habits
  • looking after our bodies through diet and exercise and coming back to our bodies and feeling nature work within us
  • eating natural foods that work in harmony with our natural bodies to promote wellbeing and doing exercise in a mindful manner that can further propel our wellbeing to greater horizons
  • being more respectful of our bodies and becoming more aware of what we both do with and put into our bodies


health means being aware (mindful) of what we do in our lives and the impact felt through our bodies and minds both on ourselves and others. We could seek greater resonance in how we feel by both seeking meaningful purpose in daily life and infusing our life and what we do with passion.

It is utterly important that what we do has integral meaning and that we find our authentic modes of being.

In doing so, it is important to find ourselves on a path of never ending progress that we can commit ourselves to. This calls for spirit – the strength of will to endeavour. This also calls for being emotionally, socially and spiritually connected in ways that encourage us on our journey as we break through limitations to live with heart-felt passion, purpose and presence.


health means being our own gurus and waking up to who we really are. We have a Buddha mind and a Buddha body – we have perfect health.

We need to come in tune with our bodies, to feel the energy within it, and to respect the energy we put into it.

Treating our bodies with love, appreciation and gratitude we empower ourselves with the right nutrients. And we pay attention to how we feel as a result, how we manifest the energy both in our food and in our bodies. We respect the nutrients we put into our bodies and where they come from. We respect the life given to us and sustained through the food we eat. And we respect the uniqueness of our bodies – how our bodies have unique nutritional needs.


health means living with heartfelt presence. We share, care and connect with others with compassion not just for all sentient beings, but also for ourselves. We seek to live enlightened lives, making this world a better place with our presence. And as we exercise, we come into contact with our breath, our bodies, our very nature as well as the natural environment as much as possible – so that the light of perfect health may shine through us.