More than 80% of highly functional people have some form of daily mindfulness or meditation practice. They all focus on 1-2 key strengths and create habits around them. Amplify your strengths. Big changes can come in small packages, and it is about the consistency of practice. Training. Showing up. Mastery.

Losers have goals. Winners have systems

Start extremely small. Aim narrow, own your category. Become a supernichist. Be a meaningful specific instead of a wandering generality.

Life favours the specific ask and punishes the vague wish.

Focus on guiding principles, not interests.

Most people forget that innovation is a business of exceptions.

Be your unapologetic weird self. Be meaningful. Don’t accept the norms of your time. It is about crazy ideas. If it is not crazy, it is not a breakthrough; it’s an incremental improvement.

You are either great, or you don’t exist.

Use the death countdown clock. Pick your expected age and show on your computer how many days or hours you have left. A person’s success in life can usually be measured by the number of uncomfortable conversations he or she is willing to have. Choose courage over comfort.

Go vagabonding.

Aim for the 10X. When you’re trying to go 10 times bigger, you’re there by yourself. When you focus on becoming 10% bigger, you’re competing against everybody. Everybody is trying to go 10% bigger.

Watch every thought you have. Always ask, “Why do I have this thought?

You have nothing to fear but fear itself. Rehearse the worst-case scenario” to become more resilient. It is never as bad as the scenarios in your head. Failure is overrated, and the focus should be on long-term success. It is all about doing and movement. Inspiration is for amateurs—the rest of us just show up and get to work. Read “Do!” Reminds me of “Move, eat, sleep”.

What you track determines your lens AKA “the filter bubble”

Use a jar of awesome, which is a jar in which you put short notes every time something awesome happens.

Tell the truth.

The question

If you could spend $1 billion improving the world, solving a problem, what would you pursue?

The afterthought

“Imagine YOU are a passenger … in A body. And one day you get to the pearly gates and St Peter is hanging out there.  He asks you a question:
“so how was it – the ride that was your life?”
“Let THE body … BE a body”