I am cycling hundreds of miles to raise funds for Alzheimer’s Society. Their incredible work is vital for helping people on the front line living with dementia. Be a hero! Donate today via my JustGiving page below!

JustGiving - Sponsor me now!Right now, a little word about memory …

Magic moments

Have you ever thought how amazing life is – and how you only know that because you can remember the amazing bits? I like to think of life as being defined by magic moments – those moments where we are touched, feel deeply, feel alive, feel the magic of life dancing within us. With our memories, we can recreate those moments, recall them and all those we shared those moments with. Without memory, life becomes so different – as if life has been robbed from us. And this is what Alzheimer’s does: it steals our loved ones from us.

Nearly every family is affected by dementia. After losing both my father and my aunts to Alzheimer’s I have committed to raising at least £800 for Alzheimer’s Society. Help support me in raising both this amount and even more!

  • £800 could pay for an experienced Dementia Support Worker to provide invaluable support for a week, supporting both people with dementia, their family or through supporting carers
  • £1400 is enough to pay for a person to attend weekly peer support sessions for an entire year

This is the vital work your donation would support that Alzheimer’s Society does – directly helping Alzheimer’s sufferers, their carers and their families. And in the process we can support Alzheimer’s society’s mission to transform both care and research for a cure to dementia (more on this here).

Your support is vital!

  • If you donate just £5 you’ll be making a difference
  • £10 and you’ll be on the front line
  • £20 and you’ll be a striking a mortal blow in the fight against Alzheimer’s
  • Anything more and you’ll be a hero, not just now, but for the future.

Most importantly, imagine the benefit your help will bring to people with dementia. Imagine the relief, the hope, the new opportunities. As this touching story reveals, you can help to send “angels of hope” to those who are suffering.

So please support Alzheimer’s by donating directly to my fundraising page today:JustGiving - Sponsor me now!Many thanks for your support! And here’s to years of happy memories!

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