Amazon preservation

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A protester outside the Brazilian embassy in London, where activists called on Brazil to act to protect the Amazon rainforest from deforestation and fire.
  • Almost 73,000 fires have been recorded in the Amazon rainforest this year — nearly double 2018’s total of about 40,000 fires. It’s a record high.
  • The fires come from humans — it’s the time of the year when farmers use fire to clear land — but hot, dry conditions mean fires are spreading, and President Jair Bolsonaro is actively not trying to help.

In August this year I was in the Amazon on a month long plant healing retreat. At the same time, wildfires poured so much smoke into the air that Sao Paulo’s sky — thousands of miles away from the nearest conflagration — turned charcoal, blotting out the afternoon sun. I could not believe it: the very same plants that were healing me, that provide a source for medicines for healing so many other illnesses, is being destroyed now at an increasing rate.

As humans, we are entering a healing crisis. Our desire for economic development is threatening the very same eco-systems we depend on for healing both our own bodies and this planet. There are cultural and spiritual implications too – these are reflected in how anti-environmental, pro-industrial populist leaders like Donald Trump and Jair Bolsonaro have been elected to power. It seems that we are being seduced into allowing people like this to lead us. And this is symptomatic of a illness that is insidiously infecting politics and the people to we give our power to.

We can, we must … take action. NOW

We are at a turning point: we need to collectively take action to save the Amazon and our planet. In this post you’ll find some resources for what you can do – from the daily actions, to organisations you can get involved with and support. Please take action!

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