my health journey

What if we are all on a journey in life? What’s your journey? Where is it taking you? How … is the journey going?

My own life journey has involved gaining profound awareness about how health is the cornerstone of anything that we do. And this journey has been one of learning to master (as opposed to being mastered by) my own myofacial pain.

In 2006, this myofacial pain began to cripple me physically and devastate my ability to live. After years of learning  to cope with this neuro-muscular disorder, recently the symptoms returned. Powerful spasms cause me to lose sensation in my hands and feet, losing the ability to co-ordinate muscles and dislocating my bones.

Throughout my 12 year history with this disorder, I have found exercise helped me cope with this. And through this and dedicated physical training, I have been able to uncover athletic abilities that are truly magical! In this post, I tell the story of that journey.

and health IS wealth

My health story started over 20 years ago whilst I was becoming athletic at school and rowing for my school and for the Junior Welsh National Rowing Team. At the time I was also learning to manage chronic fatigue and depression. As a result of this, I began teaching myself to cook and how to use a range of nutritional and health practices to optimise my health and my physical and mental performance. And over the years I have researched, studied and mastered key aspects of health whilst living in Brazil and California.

Between 2003 and 2010 whilst living in Rio Brazil, I undertook intense training with some of the most senior experts in martial arts, yoga and surfing, uncovering advanced technical abilities and insights as I did so. And this was whilst I was being debilitated by myofascial pain syndrome, and gaining deep insights into soma and the mind body connection.

Following this, from 2011 to 2016, I lived in California where I honed my athletic abilities in trail running, skiing and snowboarding to advanced levels. This was also where I studied graduate MA studies in holistic health and nutrition, again with teachers with advanced and expert knowledge. I then began experimenting on myself with what I was learning.

My health experiments focus into functional blood biomarker profiling tracking. I also use data from tracking devices, all to gain deep understandings about how to optimise my personal health. Since these experiments began in 2013, and to this day, I continue to experiment, test and track my health data. And why? Because I’ve learned how to uncode this health data and use it to resolve some of my own chronic health issues at the root cause of those issues.

Through all this, and from facing my own health challenges, I have wanted to help people benefit from my unique insights into wellbeing. And this is the purpose for this site – to share the wisdom i have gained from these health challenges and also my university studies.

Presently I am undergoing a new challenge following health issues that arose whilst I was undergoing training rides to cycle the epic Paris Brest Paris event in 2019. During a 600km training ride however I realised my need for change and a space to heal. And now, given what I believe about health being the greatest wealth, I have decided to give myself that space – to heal at deeper and deeper levels and posting about what I believe will help you on this site.

So my health journey is ongoing! And so is the need for change. And that change I go into in this post

“if i change, the world changes”

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