600km memorial ride

BCMThank you so much again for all the support I am receiving in both my fundraising for Alzheimer’s Society and my cycling – this means the world to me!

This ride was tough – 600km cycled in 24hrs of actual cycling (and a few hours of rest too!). Quite an achievement! But my health was suffering during it. What became apparent soon into this ride was that my health is out of balance. And recovery from it has been slow

The training and dedication I am putting in right now is to help make these rides enjoyable – and to resolve my chronic health issue: Myofascial Pain Syndrome. This issue has crippled me for the last 13 years by pulling bones out of alignment, putting pressure on nerves and causing muscle tension that often results on numbing and loss of sensation and consciousness, as well as extreme pain. With a constant effort, and the help of a health team I am working with, I am currently making progress to get these issues under control and to resolving them.

balance and sustainability

What now is out of balance is my hormonal and immune health. As I mention in my post about blood testing, functional blood testing is something I have both studied and believe in. Results back this week from a blood test showed up chronic issues with my thyroid health. They also indicate chronic immune and blood health (ie red blood cells). And this threatens my ability to sustain riding distances like this safely.

This had become apparent during my last cycle ride: my motivation was down from the start, and I was prone to feeling wired or stressed. And this has spilled over into my recovery week – my energy has been unstable, my mind foggy and blurry, tiredness confining me to bed at odd times of the day.

This indicates that I need to take action now to prevent problems spiralling into great problems. And that is what I believe in, what I am cycling for. I believe in taking action that can support our health, that can nurture it – so we can sustain our health and vitality as well as enjoyment of life for as long as possible. And in my cycling and dedication to training in sustainable ways, I want to inspire everyone to take care of themselves as well as to help others.

Together we can prevent some of the greatest health challenges like Alzheimer’s from taking more lives, as well as taking more life from people. It starts with taking actions, small actions, that support and sustain our health and those around us.

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space to heal

So much in health comes down to creating space for the first 4 letters of the word health – HEAL. Space and effective conditions to heal. This ride was a roller-coaster of emotions which is normal to a point with rides like this. After all, endurance events like these put incredible pressure on the body. But the heaviness of the remorse and grief I felt was toxic: a reminder that there is much emotional as well as hormonal healing to be done. And that calls for space.

It’s a hell of a commitment in terms of health to cycling for 24hrs or more. That means investing time and effort into my health – to make sure I am both safe and CAN enjoy these rides (the last one was more about toughing it out and “getting through it”). And these rides are all about memory

  • … the memories I create …
  • … the memory of my late father …
  • … the memory of his Alzheimer’s …
  • … the memories I can help save with your help and donations made to Alzheimer’s association.

So now I have committed to resolving this hormonal issue. As I do so, I am putting up posts about health – like my thyroid post. I hope these help you. And do send me some feedback – tell me what you think.

Blessings and light to you all!

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