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What a ride this was last weekend!! And one I dedicated to the Alzheimer’s charities that I have been fundraising for during the last 4 years. During this ride I thought about all those who have supported me and why supporting Alzheimer’s charities is such a big concern for me personally. And this post delves into this … with a little story below. And be sure to check out my recent post about 8 steps to reverse Alzheimer’s. And try out my little recipe for Anti-Alzheimer’s pesto! Take action and look after yourself and your loved ones today and everyday!

Firstly I’ve received so much support from family and friends which I am so, so grateful for. Bless you all! With your support, I’m proud to say we’ve managed to raise over £3500 for Alzheimer’s charities both in the USA and in the UK in the last 4 years. That’s a massive help to those charities – well done everyone! And thank you from the depths of my heart.

a touching moment

This ride was similar to my ride emotionally filled roller-coaster of a ride 2 weeks ago, a ride I dedicated to my late father. I thought about my father and mother, how they both struggled with my father’s Alzheimer’s and how seeing what they went through affected me deeply. And all this began exactly 10 years ago when my late father looked me deeply in the eyes and struggled to say …

“Your mother … needs help”

In 2009, I was finally able to travel, something I had not been able to do for 3 years (due to chronic illness) to visit my parents. And after 3 years of not seeing my father I was shocked to see him changed so much by Alzheimer’s, shocked to see how it would seemingly engulf him in a huge cloud and steal his mind.

His ability to express himself or talk clearly was so warped by dementia. So often the Alzheimer’s cloud would engulf him. And then at other times, the cloud would clear and he would be present again, his persona restored. It was during one of those moments that he was struggling with this cloud that he looked deeply at me, his eyes imploring me to understand …

“Your mother … needs help”

In those words, in that look he gave me as he falteringly said them, he was so very much like himself.

“Your mother … needs help”

As the reality of what he was communicating sank in, I could see and hear the love and shame in him. He didn’t want to be a burden to my mother. But he was one. And he wanted to help her. But he couldn’t, not like he used to. And this was wearing him down as much as Alzheimer’s was. It was also wearing down my mother who was his carer. They both were suffering. They both were struggling. They both … needed help.

Having seen this, I know first hand the devastation Alzheimer’s can bring – not just those who suffer with it, but to their carers and loved ones. And that is why I decided in 2015 to fund raise to support Alzheimer’s Society in the UK and Alzheimer’s Association in the USA for the incredible work they do. For these organisations both fund critical research needed to find a cure and better treatment of Alzheimer’s. And even more critically, they are on the front line giving support to families and carers.

a call to action

As I mentioned in my previous post, Alzheimer’s is the greatest health challenge of our time. Someone in the world develops dementia every 3 seconds. There were an estimated 46.8 million people worldwide living with dementia in 2015 and this number is believed to be close to 50 million people in 2017. This number will almost double every 20 years, reaching 75 million in 2030 and 131.5 million in 2050. This means that everyone in the world either does knows or will know someone who has or will get Alzheimer’s.

Alzheimer’s steals our loved ones from us: it also causes incredible suffering during its onset to both those who get Alzheimer’s, their carers and their families. I was shocked to see how this suffering affected my father and mother, his carer. So I am raising funds to support the incredible work that Alzheimer’s Society do – to support those suffering with Alzheimer’s and their carers NOW

Your support is vital!

  • If you donate just £5 you’ll be making a difference
  • £10 and you’ll be on the front line
  • £20 and you’ll be a striking a mortal blow in the fight against Alzheimer’s

Anything more and you’ll be a hero helping future generations by funding vital research to help both prevent and cure it.
Most importantly, imagine the benefit your help will bring to people with dementia. Imagine the relief, the hope, the new opportunities.

  • £800 could pay for an experienced Dementia Support Worker to provide invaluable support for a week, supporting both people with dementia, their family or through supporting carers
  • £1400 is enough to pay for a person to attend weekly peer support sessions for an entire year

This is the vital work your donation would support that Alzheimer’s Society does – directly helping Alzheimer’s sufferers, their carers and their families. And in the process we can support Alzheimer’s society’s mission to transform both care and research for a cure to dementia

So please – be a hero and support Alzheimer’s in their work! Donate today! Many thanks!
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