“if i change, the world changes”

As I mention in my post on my health journey, my goal in 2019 was to cycle the epic 1,200km Paris Brest Paris event. However, facing some debilitating health problems, i have realised change is required

As I change, as I train and keep on track with my goals, I’ll be sharing the wealth of the wisdom I have gleaned from experience and my studies. And my aim through this is to embody my vision for my life and work: to Evolve, Love And Transform Everyday (ELATE!). Acting on this, and in my athletic training, I aim to evolve my health and offer you advice here … as a HuGuru!

HuGuru (Huggy Guru or Hugo Guru) stands for my belief in compassion as well as my belief in empowering myself and others to achieve their health and life potential.


The reason for why I am undergoing this change is to realise my health and life potential. It to transform the way I prepare, recover and take care of myself when I am doing cycling events and in life – in mind, body and spirit. Its to change, to live with greater compassion, to care.

Caring effects how we are with ourselves. It also effects how we are with other people – understanding and treating both ourselves and others with our hearts filled with compassion. It is being mindful of what his Holiness the Dalai Lama said:

Having compassion, being willing to care deeply can help us change and transform our own lives. I’ve posted about this in yoga, compassion and change. I believe change like this, filled with care and compassion, can also transform my being in this world. And that in turn can effect others … who in turn effect others. In other words, change effects the whole world.

Personally that brings me into alignment with my spiritual mission in life – to care enough, as a human-being-human helping others. And it begins NOW


acting NOW

All this begins with my actions NOW. I’ve begun posting about this in relation to buying meat products like lamb, chicken, eggs and beef. Please act with care and only buy these products from ethical sources – buying from farmers who treat their animals with care and respect. And be sure the meat and dairy products you consume conform to organic and pasture raising standards. Please also support fairtrade and organic when buying all other foods you consume.

I am also acting to embody an attitude of care to our environment and the delicate balance that is tipping us into a climate crisis. I believe the climate crisis is linked to a human health crisis. And at root, there is a crisis of consciousness – a lack of awareness and respect of the interdependent relationship between the microcosm of human health and the macrocosm of planetary and ecological health.

All this stems from an attitude of care – for both the ecology of the planet and making a stand to help it. It also also from an attitude of care for my own health and the health of others. That is why I have so many posts on this site that I update daily about the nutrition in plant foods such as nuts, seeds, vegetables, fruit, herbs, and healing botanicals. I write to help myself and you too – to make the right choices with regard to what you eat.

Acting now involves transforming my health. And my first step has been to have regular blood tests, which I go into in this post


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