september fundraising

As a labor of love from my heart, this month I’m raising money for British Heart Foundation in two of the longest distance bike rides i have ever done. Please pledge support and drop by my donation page.


a little story

60 miles into a 100 mile cycle event, I caught site of him again. He was on a steel framed bike, heavy by contrast to the ultra light carbon bikes he was keeping pace with. But what shone from his body wasn’t simply his mastery of the bike under him and the gears on it that you could count with one hand (compared to the 15 or so gears on the carbon bikes). It wasn’t even his sandaled feet and lack of a helmet. It was his energy, his smile, his pure enjoyment of being out of a bike, being free, sharing the experience and … the glide. Yes, a glide: a grace and rhythm that seemed effortless, that looked as if it could go on forever.

This reminded me of tales I had read about of endurance runners winning ultra marathons (of 50+ miles) not because of their equipment, but more precisely because of their technique, their finesse … and above all, their energy evident in the smiles on their faces and their bodies. Yes, their bodies exuded something mysterious, something magical with each step. Was it confidence? Was it experience? Or was it simply surrender … to something greater: what was this?

the greatest wealth is health

This greatness, this grace in motion, this glide reveals something unique that flows through us. Its life, its vitality, its health, its an elusive treasure. Sometimes we have it, then we lose it, or it is stolen, or we simply need to go on a quest to find it. And this is why I cycle for British Heart Foundation : to support them as they help others recover from heart health problems, or find respite from the world’s no 1 killer.

Our hearts reveal so much to us. So much. From the magic of pulsing life and oxygen to our organs, to nurturing our soul with sensations of awe, wonder and love. Yet for many, heart disease steals all that and steals life itself. So please,  please help support the British Heart Foundation. Every penny counts towards their battle to get closer to the next life changing breakthrough in research and treatment.

For me, I ride to support them and to inspire you to find and appreciate what we can find through our bodies: the majesty and mystery of life itself! My own personal health journey has involved gaining profound awareness about how health is the cornerstone of anything that we do. And this is a journey of learning to master (as opposed to being mastered by) my own myofacial pain.

What I have learned along the way has been incredible – and i’ll be popping up my favourite health hacks and tips on my other site: Joy of Nutrients. The most important lesson i’ve learned? Support – the healing, nurturing and soul enlivening power of support from others. So why not pay this forward today? Make a donation to help support the British Heart Foundation. And feel like a hero as you do so – for every penny counts!

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