Hi! Born in the UK, I moved to the USA in 2011 to either work with or create an entrepreneurial company that could help people with their health. Friends called me “Huguru” due to my huggy and guru style of helping them, especially with exercise. That’s when I decided to pursue MA studies in nutrition, health and entrepreneurship … as I love cooking and I want start a company that will optimize people’s health!

rebootDuring my studies however, I found I became more of a human “doer” than being human. That’s stress! I went from being on peak form both mentally and physically to feeling mentally foggy, physically fatigued, lacking motivation and easily triggered into feeling emotionally distressed. I needed to reboot my system!  Now I invite you to share my journey as i get my health back on track. And on this site, I’ll be sharing what i learn as i go …

tuneMy understanding was that stress was playing havoc with me, and I in turn was drinking far too much alcohol. Amazingly, I was doing in depth studies about stress at the same time! Meanwhile blood tests revealed I had lowered thyroid hormone levels and a non-celiac gluten allergy. As I researched these problems, I found a direct link between alcohol consumption and the triggering of my gluten allergy. In addition, my motivational problems and distress could both be related to my liver health, as could my low thyroid hormone levels. And my alcohol consumption was affecting my liver! So I needed a detox! But I also needed to retune: to destress and unwind!

Ending my studies in December 2014, I resolved to make 2015 the year to change my lifestyle and kick start my recovery. This recovery started on New Year’s Day when I soberly awoke at 6am and headed out for a run. During that run I began thinking: “How could I raise money for a health charity through running and other exercise? And how could I realize my health and healing potential and help others as I did so?” So I’ve decided to start writing here on this site as I work to find answers to these questions. And I invite you to please tell me your ideas too!

First of all, I’ve decided to put my own health plans into practice. These plans are outlined on this site as Metabolic Management and Metabolic Cleansing. Involved is the balancing of hormones as well as detoxing and looking after my liver. In addition to this, I’ll be addressing neurochemistry in order to stabilize and optimize my mental outlook during this process. And i’ll be posting what I research and learn as I do so.

Exercise forms a core part of my life. But i’m now committing to a more athletic focus in order to sustain my progress both towards a healthier lifestyle and realizing my health potential. So I’ll also be addressing important nutritional  topics related to sports training and posting articles as I do.

3 months after my New Year’s run, I still have the question: “how can I raise money for charity?” Equally I’m now thinking, “how can I raise awareness of important health issues, such as Alzheimer’s disease and Diabetes type 3“? My exercise log is posted here, so again, if you have any ideas, please tell me!

Overall, my goal is to realize and sustain my health and healing potential which in turn is a goal of what is now my core business plan for this site. Its also to help you and also help others  – so please give me some support and feedback! And please also share what you know so we all can learn. Let’s all tune into a better vibration filled with love, sharing and fun!

Happy cooking and huggy health from the not-so-naked chef Hugo!

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